2 inputs/6 outputs Sharc based digital signal processor, RTA, SPLM, PRONET remote control.

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The new Proel PC240 and PC260 processors, also based on the C-Audio Core DSP platform, allow audio signal processing capable of optimizing system performance using advanced functions and an intuitive user interface with direct access to all editing functions and remote control. The incorporated technology exhibits some interesting features, like programmable sound pressure level management (SPLM), thanks to the use of an internal clock, and full remote control of all functions from a connected PC.
PC240 and PC260, both with a full range of functions, each have 2 inputs – with AES digital inputs in the case of the PC260 – and 4 or 6 outputs, respectively. Each input offers a 5-band, fully parametric EQ, 28 bands of graphic EQ, and three bands of powerful and versatile dynamic equalization. Each includes a fully programmable compressor/limiter and up to 600 ms of delay, as well.
The outputs offer any type of crossover filter, up to 48 dB/8va, and a 5-band parametric EQ.

Artikel document PC260-manual.pdf
Merk Proel
Frequentie bereik 20 Hz - 20 KHz
THD 0.015% @ 1KHz, +18dBu
Soort randapparatuur Digital loudspeakermanagement
Equalizer 28 bands GEQ per input, 5 bands PEQ on each in- and output, 3 bands DEQ per input
Delay max 600 ms on all in- and outputs
Aantal inputs 2
Input clip level +20dBu
Input digitaal AES/EBU
Aantal outputs 6
AD/DA converter 24 bit
Remote Control Connection RS 232/485, USB
Remote Controle Software PRONET

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