Active Loop Panel

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HLS-2C Active Loop Panel for intercoms

The Active Loop Panel is a lightweight, compact Hearing Loop (Induction Loop) unit with aesthetic styling designed to complement typical intercoms. It combines all the crucial elements of a functional hearing loop system, requiring only power and an audio input to provide essential access to individuals with hearing loss. It comprises an IP rated case, efficient class D loop driver (amplifier), multi-turn copper loop and the internationally recognised signage that informs the user that the service is available.

It designed to be mounted close to an entry intercom or other devices where it can be connected to the audio source via transformer isolated balanced input.

Installation is quick and simple, requiring only the removal of the front cover to reveal the fixing points and quick clamp DC power and line level connections – with only adjustments to current, gain and metal loss compensation being required if necessary when commissioned using a Field Strength Meter or Loopworks Measure Receiver.

Applications include:

  • Door entry intercoms
  • Help & information points
  • Emergency refuge points
  • Information desks & kiosks
Artikel document up39701-4-hls-2c-datasheet-interactive-v005
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