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The WEDGE Series PROEL has set a standard for affordable and road-proof stage monitors, able to offer a highly valuable monitoring solution, with perfect sound intelligibility and high SPL in low-profile and portable enclosures. The Version 2 of this very successful series represents a major step forward, with several design’s refinements and feature’s improvements.

The lightweight CLASS D amplifier modules with SMPS have been completely re-designed, to provide the utmost reliability even when the system is stressed at the highest sound pressure levels. Coupled to a sophisticated analog processing, they provide an extremely detailed response, particularly in the vocal range, and a remarkable resistance to feedback. Two tailored EQ PRESETS are available for the use of the speaker not only for stage monitoring (MONITOR), but also as a MAIN SOUND SYSTEM (FOH).

The stylish design of the cabinets, with integrated handles, recessed connection panel and pole socket, has been optimized reducing further the profile and, therefore, the footprint on the stage. Knowing very well the mistreatment the stage monitors are usually subjected to, we have greatly improved the strength of the cabinet's polyurethane painting, making them resistant to any abuse.

Also the custom designed coaxial transducers, able to provide a perfect HF and LF alignment and a controlled directivity for a perfect listening from any position, have been updated, especially the 10” that features now a compression driver with increased efficiency.

The V2 WEDGE monitors are available in three models, offering the perfect solution for any monitoring situations. The ultra-compact WD10AV2 is able to offer a high-performance monitoring also on small stages and it ‘s the ideal solution for speech, vocals and keyboards. WD12AV2, with its high SPL and its full-range response, is the favorite choice for vocals, guitar, horns and electronic instruments or as a high-power monitor for DJs. WD15AV2, with its full extension and powerful and deep response at the low frequencies, is the ideal monitor for bass and drums players. The horn-loaded HF section and the powerful amplifier make it the perfect solution for monitoring also on very large stages.

• Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor
• 1” compression driver with 1.35” VC
• 12” woofer with 2.5” VC
• 350 W total power (700 W peak)
• 300 W class D + 50 W class AB power module with SMPS
• Dual LIMITER circuit
• 2 EQ PRESETS for Monitor or FOH (Front-Of-House) use
• SPL MAX 124 dB
• Frequency response 50 Hz - 20 KHz
• Low-profile, lightweight plywood cabinet with black ultra-durable polyurethane paint
• Reinforced metal grille with dust protection
• Recessed connection panel for added protection
• 2 recessed handles for easy transport
• Pole socket

Artikel document MAN-WD10A-WD12A-WD15A_V2.pdf
Merk Proel
Power connector Euro
BxDxH in cm 51x31x44 cm
Gewicht in Kg 15 kg
Constructie materiaal Berken multiplex
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Soort luidsprekersysteem Powered mobiel
Type luidspreker Floormonitor
Systeem type 2-weg Coaxial
Audio connector XLR
Amp module vermogen HF: 50 W CLASS AB, LF: 300W CLASS D with SMPS
Openingshoek horizontaal 80°
Sensitivity 0 dBu
SPL peak 124 dB
Frequency respons 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Driverformaat High 1
Luidsprekerformaat Low 12"
Coaxial luidspreker

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