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PROEL introduces the S Series, a new range of compact and powerful sub-woofers designed to complement PROEL full-range speakers. The variety of size, power and SPL offered by the four active S models provides, at an unbeatable price point, the perfect low extension solution for any speaker model available in the PROEL range.
All the S models feature high-excursion woofers in a Hybrid Band Pass configuration (HBP). This innovative design provides a higher efficiency compared to direct radiation sub-woofers and, in addition, guarantees a much better coupling of the tuning ducts with the external air, reducing the distortion and the air turbulence, for a more defined sound and deep and punchy lows.
The new CLASS D amplifier modules with SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) can generate a massive amount of continuous power in a compact, lightweight and reliable package. All the modules include a STEREO pre-amp section, 24dB/oct. crossover filters with selectable frequency and PHASE reverse switch.
The cabinets are built with 15/18mm plywood and finished with extra-durable polyurethane paint. They feature two flush handles and four sturdy 75mm wheels for an easy transport (S15 and S18 only).

  • Compact active HBP sub-woofer
  • 15” woofer with 3” VC for a deep and extended response
  • 1200 W peak power
  • STEREO input, link and output
  • SPL MAX 129 dB
  • Frequency response 40 Hz - 160 Hz
Artikel document sseries-active-eng_ita9.pdf
Merk Proel
Soort luidsprekersysteem Powered mobiel
Type luidspreker Subwoofer
Systeem type Bandpass
Audio connector XLR - 6,3mm Jack
Amp module vermogen 600W
SPL peak 129dB
Frequency respons 40 Hz - 160 Hz
Luidsprekerformaat Low 15"

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