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Big digital audio systems are made of high technology equipment requiring the use of multiple connections.

PROEL new multipair digital audio cable is compliant with AES/EBU standards. 
The low capacitance of insulated and individually twisted pairs of conductors, as well as the 110 Ohm impedance, eliminate signal delay and grant a bit-error free transmission, even over long distances.
PROEL CMD Series AES/EBU cable features drain wire for the single pair of conductors.
Thanks to these features, the cable is suitable for all applications requiring long distance wiring (max. length without performance decay: 130 mts)
Each pair is individually insulated with Aluminium foil shiel and PVC jacket, and number-printed on both sides. 
The conductor insulation is of white/blue XLPE.
Merk Proel
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Soort kabel Multikabel op rol
Lengte 100 m
Aderdikte 10.00 mm
Materiaal buitenmantel PVC

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