Bittner 8X400 , 8 x 490 watts / 4 ohms, NG, SP, AR, CC

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Setting the Standard

Customer wishes and requirements are the only standard for Bittner. It is our pride to realise them in the most innovative way imaginable.

Confidence is good - two separate power supplies are better. And wear-free digital potentiometers, an integrated Noise Gate per channel, sequential remote power on, alive contacts for every channel pair, computer control - how much intelligent power fits into such a compact design?

8X - that?s multiple reliability. For the highest demands in sound and flexibility.

To handle a complete installation with only one dense power package - well, that?s what we call a standard.

  • Up to 8x 400 W @ 4 Ohm in only 2 RU
  • 4 separate stereo amplifiers
  • Ideal for fixed installations: Controls from the back panel only
  • High Tech SMT Design
  • Protection Circuits: DC, LF, HF, Thermal, Short Circuit, Current Limiter, 3 ms Muting Delay
  • All inputs and outputs pluggable with PHOENIX connectors
  • 2 High-End toroidal transformers
  • 2 seperate power supplies
  • LED indicators for SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT, POWER
  • Temperature controlled, variable speed low noise fans
  • Softstart
  • Sequential Remote Power On
  • 4 Alive Contacts
  • Digital wear-free Volume Controls (can be operated manually)
  • SXL Dataport
  • Noise Gate (switchable)
  • 3 Years Warranty

8XT - The Ideal Pair!

Simply connect an 8X amplifier to an 8XT multi-channel output transformer and you?ll be ready to meet our European norms and standards.

Artikel document 48X_Productsheet.pdf
Data sheet
Brochure EN
Merk Bittner
BxDxH in cm 48,3 x 45,4 x 8,8cm
Aantal hoogte eenheden in HE 2
Gewicht in Kg 22kg
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Interne Powersupply
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Eindversterker laag ohmig
Klasse typering Klasse AB
Aantal versterkerkanalen 8
Minimum impedantie 4 Ohm
Vermogen aan 4 ohm 490w
Vermogen aan 8 ohm 290w
Aantal line inputs 8
Input gain 34,1dB
Input impedantie 20k Ohm
Input gevoeligheid +2dBu
Frequentie bereik 20Hz-20kHz
Signaal/ruis verhouding 103dB
Beveiliging DC / LF /HF / Therminal / Short Circuit / Current Limiter
THD 0,02%
Input clipping level 22dBu
19" inbouwbaar

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