Command Fusion AIO IP Control System 2xRS232,4xDry,6xIR, 2x MOD,USB,Ethernet

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Network, IR, Dry Contacts, RS232,
All-In-One box.

Featuring a variety of control methods in one box, the Solo is perfect for single room installs such as home theatres and boardrooms, as well as distributed systems such as classroom

Ethernet, RS232, USB...
Future proof communications.

With on-board Ethernet and USB, adding the Solo to your systems is simple. The expansion slots provide future proofing for other communication protocols.

Control port expansion slots
to meet your job requirements.

Need a few more control ports? Add relays, I/O, DALI, CFLink, more IR, more RS232...more control. Plugin cards offer many expansion options.


The Solo is a powerful, all-in-one, networkable controller. It features Ethernet, USB, 6 x IR outputs (or 1 way RS232), 4 x dry contact inputs, IR blaster, IR receiver, IR learner, all on-board.
The built in real time clock (RTC) allows for powerful scheduling functionality.

Modular Expansion

The Solo features two modular expansion slots, for plugin cards to expand the Solo with control ports like relays, I/O, DALI, CFLink, more IR, etc. Additional modules will be developed in future to expand the functionality of the Solo and future proof for other communication protocols.

USB Control, Power, Expansion

The Solo features an on-board mini-USB port for communicating with your computer. Add the control ports of the Solo to your Mac, PC or automation controller and communicate using our open protocol. The Solo will even be powered by this USB port. An additional USB type-A connector allows the Solo to act as a USB host, for future expansion.

Rules Engine

Just like our CFLink hardware, the Solo supports a powerful rule triggering engine. This allows you to trigger macros to run when a specific event occurs, such as a dry contact input change, receiving a specific IR signal, or on incoming data via an RS232 port. Using the rules engine, you can setup basic or complex automation actions.

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Merk CommandFusion
Levertijd 2 tot 4 weken
Power connector Phoenix contact
Leverbaar op datum September 2015
BxDxH in cm 21,6 x 9,7 x 4,5
Gewicht in Kg 0,8
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Constructie materiaal specifiek 1mm staal met plastic IR doorlatende ruiten
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Remote Control Connection RS 232/485, TCP/IP, UDP, USB
Remote Control RS 232/485, TCP/IP, UDP, USB
RS-232 2 detachabe 3-pin 3.5mm spring terminal blocks for RS232 control of devices
Ethernet RJ45 jack for TCP, UDP, HTTP, CFLink protocol
Micro SD slot Spring-loaded memory expansion slot (card not included)
Power 1 x detachable 2-pin 3.5mm terminal block for power
IR Out 6x IR or 1-way RS232
IR Transmitter 8 powerful IR Blaster LEDs (4 on front, 2 on each side) flood a room with IR.
IR Receiver 38Kzh IR receiver on front panel to trigger rules from a standard remote control.
GPI/O 2 x detachable 4-pin 3.5mm spring terminal blocks for dry contact inputs (digital inputs)

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