CUE, signCUE-one, Graphic player and interface for HID compliant touch screens

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CS0550 CUE

The signCUE-one is a powerful IP enabled unit that serves as a controller, server, touch monitor interface and display device interface. It runs standard projects created in Cue Visual Composer and allows to combine custom graphical environment with controls for AV, lighting, drapes, HVAC and other technologies. The signCUE provides a HDMI 2.0 output for connection to the display device and includes a USB HID port for touch screen connection. Ethernet provides connection to other Cue System units as well as control port for IP controlled devices. The player is enclosed in a compact chassis and can be easily installed behind a flat display or projector, under a table or inside a rack.

  • Standalone graphic player for touch screen displays
  • Runs standard projects created in Cue Visual Composer
  • HDMI 2.0 output with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • USB Host interface for HID compliant touch screens
  • Internal memory RAM 2 GB, flash 16 GB
  • Wired 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet
  • Bi-directional control of any IP enabled products through Ethernet port
  • 802.1X authentication mechanism supported
  • Proxy Server support
  • Web server and admin web for setup through a standard web browser
  • Power supply 5 VDC
  • Fanless operation
  • Small dimension, low profile, surface mountable
  • Simple installation close to display device
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