First Gen Ceiling Mic Array (White - Phoenix): Includes microphone array, RJ45 to Phoenix adapter, ceiling mounting base, 12” drop-down cable, 24” drop-down cable, 25’plenum rated CAT5e cable

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Ceiling Microphone Array

Most economical tri-element with superior audio quality.

Key Highlights

  • Easily installed and affordable popular tri-element ceiling microphone array
  • Enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio, delivering exceptional audio quality.
  • Provides rich sound with three wide-range mics mounted together into a single-unit array, maintaining 460-degree coverage from 15 to up to 20 ft.
  • Optimized for speech intelligibility with steerable audio pick-up using a DSP Mixer.
  • Superb audio quality with wide bandwidth, high SNR, and 100% shielding against RF interference allows use for multiple applications.
  • Perfect match for the CONVERGE® Huddle DSP; and included in Versa Pro BYOD Collaboration solutions with the Huddle and UNITE® cameras.
  • Works with ClearOne and other 3rd-party DSP mixers with quick and easy installation.
  • Extremely flexible placement options with up to 300 FT mic-to-mixer connections on CAT5e/CAT6.
  • Effectively reduces room reverberation and noise, and minimizes noise pickup from ceiling sources.
  • Gets microphones “off the table” area while maintaining speech quality and intelligibility.
  • Includes drop down cables for 0”, 12” and 24” to match various ceiling heights.
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design (3.3" x 1.5") comes in White or Black color options.


  • Audio conferencing
  • Video collaboration
  • Sound reinforcement


  • Huddle spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Training rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Courtrooms
  • Telemedicine theatres
    910-001-013-W - White Ceiling Microphone Array kit for CONVERGE Pro and INTERACT Pro (includes RJ45 receptacle to Mini-Phoenix mixer adapter)
Artikel document ceiling_microphone_ds7
Merk ClearOne
Sensitivity 114 mV/Pa
Frequency respons 100 Hz - 12kHz
Signaal/ruis verhouding 60 dBA, 1kHz @ 1Pa
Richtingskarakteristiek Nier
Soort microfoon Ceiling Microphone Array
Soort membraan Electret condensator

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