Fitness Audio Gov'ner Sound limiter 19" + LM30 The Trigger

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Gov'ner + LM30 Trigger

The Gov^nor by Fitness Audio is a 1RU rack mounting Sound Pressure Level Limiter. It is usually connected between the mixer outputs and the Power Amp inputs. When connected to The Trigger with a run of Cat 5 cable it will be your sound level cop, reacting with the Gov^nor to limit the signal when the sound level exceeds say 94dBA for more than 8 seconds at any time 24/7. The limiting action will let go when the volume levels are reduced below the pre-set level set on the Trigger. The Trigger can measure a 30dB range in eleven 3dB steps from 79-109dB in either A or C Weighting ranges. A weighting is normally used for healthy hearing levels measured over time while C Weighting is used if there's just too much bass energy leaking from the room upsetting the neighbours so the light bars will move faster and so the peak levels will be achieved sooner using C Weighting. There's a Loudness v Time Guide printed on the back of the Trigger to help you decide the level to set.

The Gov^nor comes with a rear control cover to protect the Threshold and Limiting Levels that, once set, can be secured with kevlar cables with serial numbered one way Ammo Box tags. The front panel shows a 2 channel display of the dB level passing through the unit.

Artikel document SPL-LM30.pdf
Merk Fitness Audio
BxDxH in cm 48,3 x 20 x 4,4cm
Aantal hoogte eenheden in HE 1
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Soort randapparatuur Sound Pressure Limiter
Aantal inputs 2x Jack/RCA
Aantal outputs 2x Jack/RCA

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