Fitness Audio Sound Ear. Acoustic DB limiter

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SoundEar II

Let your Instructors know when the sound system needs turning down!

In the excitement of teaching High Energy Fitness Classes Instructors can be forgiven if sometimes they get carried away and push the sound level up beyond the safe operating level of the system or too loud for an hour’s worth of noise exposure for their ears which is probably more important!

SoundEar II® leaves nothing to chance. It shows a clear and easily understandable red light warning to everyone that the level is too high for OH&S standards and healthy hearing levels. SoundEar II® has to be mounted onto a side wall between loudspeakers showing everyone the noise level in an easy to understand way. It is preset to provide a visual warning sign consisting of a flashing red light at 16 different noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A).


SoundEar II + USB Logger will continuously record and store the sound levels in that area every 2 minutes for 30 days. Transferring the USB Logger to your computer, you can see the measurements carried out over a period of up to four weeks at a time on a ready-to-print graph. By printing off the sound measurements on a graph it is possible to see exactly how many decibels the sound level reaches and when. The graph shows where and when noise problems arose, and will enable you to compare the sound conditions on different days of week or even times of day.  SoundEar USB Logger visualizes and documents the noise level in the room with accurate noise reports.

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Merk Fitness Audio
BxDxH in cm 20,5 x 4,6 x 26,5
Gewicht in Kg 1,5kg
Constructie materiaal Kunststof
Constructie materiaal specifiek Shockproof acrylic
IP rating IP 42
Bijzonderheden Scope of measurement: 40 dB to 115 dB
Frequency respons 20Hz to 16 Hz
Power consumption 24 Volt DC

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