Fohhn, FV-200 Focus Venue black, Electronically steerable line array speaker, low-mid module, horn-loaded waveguide design, Cardioid Technology (Fohhn CDT), 8× 10" long excursion driver, 4x 1000W DSP Amplifier, AES/EBU and AIREA input, black

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Beam Steering Technology for Concert Sound.

Focus Venue is a fully integrated active concert sound system with built-in cutting-edge amplification, DSP and digital networking. It allows for precise control of dispersion characteristics / beams in real time, using intuitive software. The system is always flown and stacked straight - no mechanical curving is needed. It has a compact size and offers full scalability, fast and safe rigging and a significantly reduced system set-up time.


  • Extremely even and balanced sound coverage, from the front row to the very back
  • Excellent sound quality, clarity, an enormous SPL and great dynamics
  • Unparalleled flexibility. Store and recall presets within milliseconds. Quickly respond to changing event conditions.
  • Perfect visual integration into architecture and scenery, or beside video screens


  • Mid- to large-scale concert sound reinforcement for festivals, concert halls, stadia etc.
  • High-class installations in concert halls, theatres, sport arenas etc.

Instead of using one type of full-range module, Focus Venue consists of separate high-frequency and low-mid modules:

FV-100 (high-frequency module):
8 × 1˝ (1.75˝ diaphragm) compression driver
8 × 1.5˝ (4˝ diaphragm) compression driver
Manifold horn-loaded waveguide design
16 × 250 W CLASS D amplifiers
16 × DSPs
Max. SPL: 150 dB

FV-200 (low-mid module):
8 × 10˝ long excursion driver
Horn-loaded waveguide design, Cardioid Technology (CDT)
4 × 1000 W CLASS D DSP amplifier
4 × DSPs
Max. SPL: 145 dB

Overcome the Acoustical Restrictions of Conventional Line Arrays.
Thanks to the close distance of Focus Venue’s high-frequency drivers and its manifold horn-loaded waveguide design, comb filter effects do not occur. (These will occur, by definition, when using a conventional line array.) Therefore, natural sound and great clarity can always be guaranteed.

Perfect Beam Control in real time.

Fohhn Audio Soft (version 5.0) offers a comprehensive set of features:

  • Vertical dispersion: 0 – 90°
  • Sound inclination angle: +/-40°
  • Precise adjustment in 0.1° increments
  • Two separate beams possible per module (Two Beam Technology)
  • Effective suppression of unwanted side lobes (Side Lobe Free Technology)
  • Moveable acoustic centre
  • Asymmetric beams possible
  • High-class audio tools like parametric EQs, Dynamics, X-Over etc.

All this leads to an exceptional evenness of sound pressure levels and sound quality in every row. More direct sound. Fewer room reflections. Perfect intelligibility. Better results, even in challenging acoustics. Less noise pollution in city open-air events.

State-of-the-art Electronics Included.
Intelligent amplifier- and DSP technologies provide the basis for advanced audio control:

  • Each driver is powered and controlled by a separate high-performance CLASS D amplifier and a separate DSP.
  • An additional Beam Control DSP includes all algorithms used for calculating the beam characteristics.
  • Any parameter changes made within the software are sent to the Beam Control DSP, which calculates the data and relays the appropriate information to each speaker in real time.
  • Minimal latency: 1.8 ms.

Alongside its Beam Steering capability, the powerful single speaker amplification delivers an enormous SPL, high dynamic levels and maximum reliability.

Quiet on Stage, but Full On for the Audience.

Cardioid technology can effectively reduce (unwanted) low-mid rear sound emissions. Our patented Convertible Dispersion Technology (CDT) is integrated into every low-mid module. This allows a user to switch remotely between cardioid and vented operation.

Fast & Safe Rigging - the Fohhn Interlock System.

Discover a new generation of rigging hardware. Simple, tool-free, no bolts that would otherwise get lost. Significantly less time is spent on system set-up.

Optional hardware includes a flying cradle as well as a dolly board for a safe transportation of Focus Venue modules - the units can be directly connected to the dolly board via the built-in Fohhn Interlock System.

Additional optional accessories:
stacking cradle, pull-back bar, extension bar, transport cover, single wheelboard

Artikel document 32Focus_Venue_Brochure.pdf
Merk Fohhn
Power connector Powercon
BxDxH in cm 56 × 127,5 × 59,5 mm
Gewicht in Kg 135 kg
Constructie materiaal Multiplex
Constructie materiaal specifiek multiplex birch plywood
Interne Powersupply
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Bijzonderheden Horn-loaded waveguide design, Cardioid Technology (CDT)
Soort luidsprekersysteem Powered mobiel
Type luidspreker Mid Module
Systeem type Steerable Column Array
Audio connector XLR fem.
Amp module vermogen 4 × 1000 W CLASS D DSP amplifier
Openingshoek horizontaal 90°
Openingshoek verticaal 0° to +90° in 0.1° increments
Verticale afbuiging -40° to +40° in 0.1° increments
SPL peak SPL: 145 dB
Frequency respons 60 Hz - 800 Hz
Luidsprekerformaat Mid 8x10"
Klasse typering Klasse D
Aantal versterkerkanalen 4
Signaal/ruis verhouding > 105 dB/A
Remote control connector RJ45
Input digitaal 1× AES/EBU or 1× AIREA powered
Remote Controle Software Fohhn-Net over RS-485, Fohhn Audio Soft

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