Fohhn, LF-220 Active Electronically Steerable Line Array Speaker 16x4" 16DSP Zwart

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Electronically steerable line array speakers allow perfect adaptation to the room architecture and acoustics.

Active, electronically steerable line array speaker, 16x 4? neodymium speaker, digital 16-channel DSP amplifier integrated, 16 separate DSP channels, vertical sound dispersion, digitally controlled (beam angle: 5° to 40°), vertical sound inclination angle, digitally controlled (-40° to +40°), horizontal sound dispersion: 150°, aluminium housing in all RAL colours, length: 225 cm, weight: 15 kg.

  • Electronically steerable, using integral amplifier and DSP technology
  • Individual control of beam and beam angle in realtime
  • TWO beam technology (2 dispersion beams possible)
  • Intuitive control software
  • Option of cascading several systems
  • Excellent sound and extremely dynamic speech and reproduction music
  • Aluminium designer housing in all RAL colours

Linea_focus: active, electronically steerable line array speaker. The cream of sound technology. The vertical sound dispersion characteristics of the speaker can be directed towards a specific section of the audience using state-of-the-art digital technology and software from Fohhn without having to alter the speaker position mechanically. Ideal for large churches, cathedrals, railway stations, conference halls, airports, trade fair centres, etc.

Perfect integration
Thanks to the electronic control function, the speaker system can be mounted flatly on the wall or installed directly in the wall, allowing perfect integration into the room architecture.

Cascade function
Two Linea_focus systems can be cascaded. The resulting extension of the speaker row increases the projection range and sound pressure level significantly as well as extending the frequency range of sound directed at the audience. Doubling the line length quadruples the projection range.

TWO Beam Technology
The Linea focus system with ?two beam technology? developed by Fohhn can generate 2 dispersion beams in the vertical dispersion range. A speaker system can direct sound at a specific area of the dance floor or gallery as a result.

Side Lobe free Technology
This specially developed algorithm can suppress unwanted side lobes.

DSP and Software Technology
Multichannel Fohhn amplifier and DSP technology combined with control software developed by Fohhn gives you complete control of the beam angle, sound characteristics and dynamics.

Fohhn® DSP processor technology modulates the Linea_focus and Fohhn subwoofers perfectly. Digital Fohhn signal processors are integral components of active Fohhn subwoofers, Fohhn DSP amplifiers and Fohhn DSP controllers. DSP-controlled Fohhn devices can be controlled remotely from a central location in the room or on the stage via intuitive remote control units. Fohhn therefore offers a perfectly adapted sound system that fulfils all the requirements of a modern speaker system regarding design, sound quality and operating comfort in every respect.

All connections are fitted flush to the back plate for protection on bottom of LF-120/220:
Input/link: XLR male/female jacks, Power: Powercon mains jack, Network: 2x Fohhn-Net connection jacks.

To configure the Linea_focus the Fohhn Audio Soft V3 is indispensable. For connecting the it to a PC the Fohhn-Net Adaptor NA-1 is necessary.

Wide range of application possibilities
large churches, cathedrals, railway stations, conference halls, airports, trade fair centres, etc.

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Merk Fohhn
Levertijd 1 tot 2 weken
Power connector Powercon
BxDxH in cm 13 x 12 x 225 cm
Gewicht in Kg 15 kg
Constructie materiaal Aluminium
Interne Powersupply
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
In RAL kleur te bestellen
Soort luidsprekersysteem Powered mobiel
Type luidspreker Fullrange
Systeem type Steerable Column Array
Regen & water bestendig IP44
Amp module vermogen 16x 100 W
Openingshoek horizontaal Hor 110° / Vert 0°- 40°
SPL 1W / 1m 112 dB
SPL peak 130 dB
Frequency respons 60 Hz - 17 kHz
Luidsprekerformaat Low 16x4"
Ophangsysteem WAL-1 / WAT-08k / WAT-08 / WAT-12 / SA-6

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