Fohhn, MA-4.600 ANA, Matrix DSP Amp, 4×600 W / 4 O, Line/Mic, In-/Out-DSP, Speaker Presets, 100 V selectable, 19"

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DSP Amplifier


The MA-4.600 is a compact 4-channel digital amplifier with a 4 × 4 routing matrix. It is ideal for smaller and medium-sized projects and it's extremely flexible and cost effective. It can be easily integrated into media controls and is effortlessly configured with the Fohhn Audio Soft via a USB-C socket.

Main features

  • Output power: 4 × 600 W / 4 ohms
  • Available in two variants: With Analog Inputs (MA-4.600 ANA) or Dante Input (MA-4.600 DAN)
  • Compact and light: 1 U, 5.2 kg
  • Two freely programmable switching contacts
  • With Fohhn Airea connection
  • Can be remotely operated and controlled over Fohhn Net
  • Temperature controlled, low noise fan
  • Auto Power Save for minimum standby power requirements
  • Fohhn speaker presets ensure maximum safety, reliability and excellent sound quality
  • 100% engineered and made in Germany
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Merk Fohhn
Power connector Euro
BxDxH in cm 440 x 370 x 45
Aantal hoogte eenheden in HE 1HE
Gewicht in Kg 5,2 Kg
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Interne Powersupply
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
19" beugels inbegrepen
Audio connector Phoenix
Eindversterker laag ohmig
Klasse typering Klasse D
Aantal versterkerkanalen 4
Minimum impedantie 4 Ohm
Vermogen aan 4 ohm 600W
Vermogen aan 8 ohm 320W
Aantal microfoon inputs 4
Aantal line inputs 4
Vermogen aan 2 ohm --
Input impedantie 10 kOhm
Frequentie bereik 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Signaal/ruis verhouding > 108 dB/A
Beveiliging Voltage protection, current protection, temperature protection, short-circuit protection, DC protection, power on delay, soft start and inrush current limit
THD < 0,005 % typ., < 0,003 % 1 kHz 0 dBu
DSP ingebouwd
Remote control connector USB
19" inbouwbaar
Matrix 4 x 4
Aantal DSP effectprocessors 8x Comp/Lim, 8x noise gate, 8x delay, 8x X-over,
Output EQ 8 × 10 fully parametric filters, Gain +/-12 dB, Frequency 10 Hz – 20 kHz
Delay 1.0 ms
Remote Controle Software Fohhn Net
Power consumption Maximum (RMS) 600 W, Idle state 10 W, Auto Power Save 5 W, Standby 2 W

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