iMag AIR Wireless presenter, HDMI/VGA switcher, IP to RS232

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AIR represents the new freedom of wireless presentation catering to mobile devices but also allowing hard wired VGA and HDMI connection for maximum flexibility. This advantage of both a wireless and wired presentation allows a presenter to present with confidence by choosing the best method that suits them.

As a wireless presenter, AIR provides seamless wireless transmission from your lap top and mobile devices using Apple airplay, Miracast and PC software for non Miracast PC’s. As a presentation switcher, two HDMI and one VGA inputs compliment the wireless input to provide maximum flexibility to your room. The connected display can be controlled via bi directional RS232 minimising additional control hardware.

AIR’s is PoE powered for reliability and minimal installation effort, it’s slim sized package will be a welcome addition to any presentation space, and will save time, money and eliminate presenter frustration.

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