Listen, ListenWiFi 4 Stereo/8 Mono Channel System

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PLS-900-04-W3 LIS

Multi-screen venues from fitness centers to flight terminals and more can provide visitors with outstanding audio thanks to the PLS-900-04 system. Designed from the ground up for unmatched quality, simplicity, and flexibility, the PLS-900-04 lets you easily and affordably transmit up to four stereo/eight mono analog audio sources (upgradeable to 24 stereo/48 mono) to each user’s Apple or Android mobile device using the free ListenWiFi mobile app.

Setup is simple, with everything your venue needs to get started included in one package: an audio interface for converting and transmitting up to 4 stereo/8 mono analog audio sources; a 1RU server for managing the audio channels; and a wireless access point that delivers high-quality stereo audio to 60+ users over a coverage area of 6,500 m² (70,000 ft²).

Internet connectivity delivered to the server can be configured in the Server Admin programming to allow listeners to access Internet content while streaming your local audio content. Additionally, the Internet connection provides automatic updates, remote management options and the ability to configure the server to add your business logo to the mobile app. The system can be configured online at or via the server’s own web admin interface.

The PLS-900-04 is easy to install, simple to maintain, and is backed by Listen Technologies’ outstanding support. Take advantage of low operational costs and virtually no maintenance while giving your customers high-quality audio delivered directly to their mobile devices.


One (1) PL-900-01 Server
One (1) PL-400-04-1R ListenWiFi 4 Channel Audio Interface, 1 RU (includes RCA/USB cables)
One (1) PL-301A ListenWiFi WAP-POE Combo


  • Offers a quick and easy way to provide up to 4 stereo/8 mono channels of wireless listening to 60 or more customers
  • Upgradeable to 24 stereo/48 mono channels for large or expanding businesses and venues
  • Ultra-quiet server can be installed nearly anywhere without being intrusive
  • Crystal-clear 16-bit stereo audio delivered to Apple and Android users
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