Marani DSP mic/line 8input / 8output Full Auto Matrix Mixer, TCP-IP controlled

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DPA880AMT Description

The DPA880AMT is a 8 input x 8 output Matrix for Conference Systems added of Auto Mixer Functions, fully remotely controlled via USB connection (Pc Sw remote control) or RS485 (Pc Sw remote control for net configuration, or Wall Panel remote control), or Ethernet (DPA880AMTT), allowing the complete routing of 8 line or microphone inputs to 8 line outputs.
Particularly, when more microphone inputs are selected, the DPA880AMT can provide powerful Auto mixer Functions .quickly and dramatically adjusting the microphones' input signal levels automatically. They lower the hiss, reverberation and other extraneous noise that occur when several microphones operate simultaneously. The DPA880AMT is allowing to select for the Auto mixer functions between the NOM (Number of Open Microphones) and Gain Sharing algorithm.
The Auto mixers should only be used for installations with multiple microphones, and they offer the following benefits: Improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) by limiting the Number of Open Microphones (NOM) Improved gain before feedback by providing gain attenuation withrespect to the NOM (i.e. NOM
attenuation) Reduced microphone comb filtering by limiting voice pickup to a single microphone (Gain Sharing)
In order to greatily increase the rejection to the Acoustic Feedback when more microphones inputs are used, in cascade to the Auo mixer functions, on each input channel a Noise Gate can be made active (for both microphone and Audio inputs), so as a powerful Feedback Eliminator based on a Frequency Shift of the original band by a constant Delta Freq. Value.
Aside the Auto mixer functions, the DPA880AMT is providing also the Priority Ducking process, allowing the user to assign to one of the 8 available microphones inputs Priority on the all other microphones and Audio inputs, ducking them of a selectable amount of attenuation, when signal is present on the micrphone channel assiegned as prioritaire.

DPA880AMT Technical Specifications

Maximum Input Level: +18 dBu

Maximum Output Level Low: +18 dBu

Digital Processing (DSP): Dream SAM3716, 24bit (data) x 96 bit (coeff.),Sw

Enhanced Precision Sampling Frequency: 48kHz Converters: 4xAK5385B, 24 bit A/D;

General Data S/N: >104dB

THD+N: 0.005%

Frequency Response (Bypass):  20Hz-20kHz (+- 1 dB)

Input Channels: 8, balanced

Output Channels: 8, balanced

Display: Graphic, 2x24 characters

Power Supply: 110-220V

Remote Control: RS485, USB

Size: 19” (1xRU)

Artikel document DPA880AMT.pdf
Power connector Euro
BxDxH in cm 48,2 x 22 x 4,4cm
Aantal hoogte eenheden in HE 1HE
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Interne Powersupply
LCD scherm
Alphanummeric display
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Frequentie bereik 20-20kHz (+- 1dB)
Signaal/ruis verhouding 104dB
THD 0,005%
Phantom power
Channel EQ 3 Band parametric
Output EQ 5 Band parametric
Input connectors Phoenix
Main output connectors Phoenix
Soort randapparatuur Matrix
Equalizer Parametric EQ 5 Filters Bell or Shelving
Delay 380ms
Aantal inputs 8 Balanced
Input clip level Line +18dBu / Mic -11dBu
Aantal outputs 8 Balanced
Output clip level +18dBu
Matrix free routing
Auto Mic Mixing
Bit Rates 24 bit
Memories preset 6
Remote Control Connection RS 232/485, TCP/IP, USB
Remote Controle Software Marani
Remote Control RS 232/485, TCP/IP

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