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€ 655,90

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TN1212LU30 PRL

Galvanized metal sheet stage box with
highly resistant epoxy paint. Built in
accordance with the security regulations
in force at present, and manufactured
with the most sophisticated
equipment. XLR metal connections,
“CMN” series multicore cable with separate
earth and high quality assembly.
80/20 tin welding. Cable mount terminal
covers highly resistant to temperatures
up to 150°C. Configurations up to
40 channels.

Merk Proel
Soort kabel Multikabel gemonteerd
Lengte 30 m
kabel productcode CMN
Type & merk connectors Proel XLR 3-polig male en XRL 3-polig female
Stageblok specificatie 12 in, 12 uit

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