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Version that provides an adequate coverage and durability for any kind of show, suitable for any location, i.e. live events, theaters and nightclubs. 5 liters tank

Product Code: SG ECOSMK5

Thanks to the continuous research and to innovative production methods, our fluids become eco-friendly. The Italian industries are more and more careful of the individual’s health, at a point that the production processes have been changed thoroughly to ensure the respect for the environment: this is the reason why Sagitter has chosen to follow the path of ecology for the production and the development of its smoke machine fluids. They are made entirely from raw materials of “vegetable origins” which give to the fluids a winning factor: the complete absence of toxic or harmful substances, always guaranteeing the best performances. The whole eco line is completely made in Italy, the compounds are water-based and designed not to release harmful oily residues to the surroundings.

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