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Perfectly adapted amplifiers and DSP technology. The Fohhn® D-4.1200 DSP-controlled CLASS D amplifier was developed, to fulfil the most demanding requirements concerning sound quality and reliability. Fohhn DSP amplifiers guarantee an excellent sound quality, maximum reliability and offer a host of possibilities for adapt your sound system to various room acoustics. The D-4.1200 is extremely lightweight (only 11.1 kg) with blue 4-line front display, operation or remote control via a laptop. The D-4.1200 CLASS D with 4x 1200 W / 4 ohms, 4x 750 W / 8 ohms is fitted with the new Fohhn Audio DSPs as well as 2 DSP Aux outputs for controlling an additional standard amplifier.

Sound quality. Reliability. Intelligent control.

  • 4 input channels
  • 4 amplifier outputs, each with 1200W at 4 ohms (output channels 1-4)
  • 2 DSP Aux outputs (output channel 5+6)
  • State-of-the-art CLASS D amplifier technology
  • 5 premium audio tools such as Parametric EQ are integrated
  • Integral speaker database for maximum operating reliability
  • Remote monitoring/operation, network-compatible
  • Minimal heat development, extremely quiet fans

Each of the 4 input channels can be routed to the 4 amplifier outputs (1-4) and Aux outputs (5-6). Each channel can be edited separately or in combination with other channels.

2 DSP Aux outputs The D-4.1200 has 2 outputs “Aux5” and “Aux6” for connecting an external amplifier. Knowing the data (amplification, maximum output voltage) of your D-4.1200 amplifier is essential to protect your speakers. The D-4.1200 gives you the option of storing and accessing the performance data of up to 100 presets, which can be viewed on the display, edited if necessary and then saved under a different name. The stored data can then be loaded to output channels Aux5 and Aux6. You can of course assign a separate amplifier to each output channel. Once you have loaded an amplifier preset, the performance and speaker data is evaluated and the multiband limiter on the D-4.1200 is preset automatically.

>Fohhn® Mains Control – the integrated mains supply monitoring system< During use, the supply to the amplifier is constantly monitored. If at any time it exceeds the maximum permitted range (180-255 VAC), the supply will be interrupted. During power up it also minimizes the input surge current by switching on at the mains voltage zero crossing.

Plug & Play With remarkable reductions in generated heat and an incredibly low weight and compact dimensions combined with characteristically high levels of output power, we recommend this new Class D DSP amplifier for an unlimited range of applications, including AV & media, concerts, opera houses, theatres, churches, cinemas, theme parks, television studios, delay lines, stage monitoring and industrial applications. Rapid DSP access via the 4-line display transforms a mobile application into a simple, reliable Plug&Play system. The D-4.1200 is extremely quiet thanks to temperature-controlled ventilators and an adjustable noisgate! The new amplifiers save you having to use/adapt external DSPs, EQs and crossovers as well as using cables, and in smaller installations, you can also realise your projects quickly and reliably with a comparatively simple microphone mixer.

Remote control / Remote monitoring The system´s network compatibility and remote control options via a laptop provide you with assistance while you work. You also have the option of linking the D-4.1200 to a media control system.

The Fohhn Audio DSP. Dual DSP power for excellent sound quality and optimal reliability. Integrated Fohhn DSP technology offers a host of possibilities for implementing your sound concepts. The equipment includes two separate stereo DSP engines and integrated speaker database for all Fohhn speaker types, which is what makes our amplifiers so unique. The speaker database is based on an algorithm specially developed for each speaker, which protects bass, mid and high frequency drivers in all performance classes and guarantees outstanding sound and maximum operational reliability. 5 professional audio devices offer valuable benefits on an every day working level: 10-band parametric EQ, delay, compressor/limiter, noise gate and crossover allow the user to adapt the audio system perfectly to sound requirements, room acoustics or personal preferences. Cable faults, cumber some rack cabinets and tangled cablesare a thing of the past. The integrated technology reduces the weight and dimensions of the unit and guarantees stress-free operation. In addition, the operating status display gives you complete control in monitoring the temperature and operating time.

Accessories User software, USB adapter, WLAN adapter

Applications Perfectly adapted amplifiers and DSP power for all your mobile and fixed installation projects with Fohhn speaker systems.

Digital 4+2 channel DSP amplifier with network connection
High efficient digital DSP amplifier with 4 channels and 2 additional DSP controlled NF outputs. Class D construction with 1200 W at 4 ohms per channel. 19“/2 HE design enclosure with blue backlit display and control elements to adjust all audio parameters. Remote controlling and monitoring via external controller possible. Network compatible in connection with all active Fohhn devices. Integrated two-stage Fohhn Audio DSPs per output channel with all necessary tools for a perfect adjustment of a speaker system: full-parametric 10-band EQ, delay, variable high-/ lowpass-filter, dynamic processor with compressor and noisegate, 180° phase inversion, sinus and noise generator. In addition, the operating status display gives complete control in monitoring the temperature and operating time. Integrated management system with factory presets for all Fohhn speakers to protect the connected speakers via selective multiband-limiting separately for the high-/mid- and sub frequency band. Perfect for mobile applications because of an incredibly low weight and maximum power efficiency for fixed installations.
amplifier technology:

Class D amplifier power: 4x 1200 W / 4 ohms, 4x 750 W / 8 ohms, (1 kHz, THD+N < 1%, 230 V mains) minimum impedance: 4 ohms   outputs: 4 + 2 DSP   inputs: 4 DSP channels, Fohhn Audio DSP: 6   amplification: 34 dB   input sensitivity: 1,4 V   frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz   S/N Ratio: >105 dB/A   protective circuit: switch-on delay, soft start impedance- and short-circuit protection, DC protect
remote control: Fohhn-Net, Fohhn Audio Soft remote monitoring: temperature, protect, signals
  power supply: AC 230V, 195 V - 250 V AC 50/60 Hz, switch mode power supply temperature range: 0 – 45°C cooling: termperature-controlled fan weight: 11,1 kg dimensions (W x H x D): 2HE, 88,9 x 483 x 380 mm
controller:6 digital signal processors, 24 independent limiters, selective 3-band limiting (bass/mid/high), band specific time constants, 56-bit double precision filter technology, AD/DA 24 bit/48 kHz
controls: Select potentiometer, 4 buttons for DSP handling, Power on/off switch, 6 buttons for channel select
indicators: 4 line display, 12x signal/level LED, 4x clip LED, 6x channel select LED, 1x ready LED, 1x over-termperature LED, receive/send remote control LED

Artikel document D-4.1200_data_sheet_en.pdf
Merk Fohhn
Power connector Powercon
BxDxH in cm 48,3 x 38,0 x 8,8
Aantal hoogte eenheden in HE 2HE
Gewicht in Kg 11,1kg
Constructie materiaal Metaal
Constructie materiaal specifiek Aluminium front
Interne Powersupply
LCD scherm
Alphanummeric display
Eindversterker laag ohmig
Klasse typering Klasse D
Aantal versterkerkanalen 4
Minimum impedantie 4 Ohm
Vermogen aan 4 ohm 4x1200W
Vermogen aan 8 ohm 4x750W
Aantal line inputs 4
Input gain 34dB
Input gevoeligheid 1,4 V
Frequentie bereik 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Signaal/ruis verhouding >105 dB/A
Beveiliging switch-on delay, soft start impedance- and short-circuit protection, DC protect
Remote control connector RJ45
19" inbouwbaar

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