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The FR-10 is a wall mount remote control module designed for the remote operation of Fohhn DSP amplifiers, DSP controllers and active Fohhn speakers systems. The FR-10 is extremely easy to operate because the controls are so well arranged. It is virtually impossible for the end customer to make operating errors because the only operating elements are the 8 labelled buttons.

>Easy handling<
Control up to 31 Fohhn devices individually with this stylish FR-10 wall panel. 8 programmable buttons can be configured to control the overall volume of a system, the volume in different zones or presets for different room effects, for example. The system also has a special function that confirms whether all commands have been executed successfully. The buttons indicate this by changing to red or green light immediately after they are pressed. For example, if a device is not switched on, the button changes red to indicate that a command could not be executed. This additional monitoring function ultimately contributes to the overall operating reliability of your system. The wall panel is easy to configure using a standard computer (PC) with intuitive Fohhn-Net Remote Control Software installed and optional NA-1 USB adapter.

Two terminal strips (paralleled). Alternative connection via standard 4-wire telephone cable.

The FR-10 is ideal for training rooms, hotels, churches, halls, restaurants or any venue where a simple, efficient system is required to control your audio equipment from a central location.

The FR-10 is also ideal for projects where complex media control systems are not viable or inappropriate, but the user wishes to control the speaker system centrally.

Artikel document FR-10_data_sheet_engl.pdf
Merk Fohhn
Levertijd 8 tot 10 dagen
BxDxH in cm 12 x 12 cm
Constructie materiaal Aluminium
Bijzonderheden Protocol RS-485

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