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The MP221 preamplifier is a high performance unit built to broadcast standards. Primarily designed to add flexibility to Ampetronic Induction Loop installations, it can also be used in other professional audio systems where the control and mix of audio signals is required.

The MP221 is a four input preamplifier, 2 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and 1 line level input for balanced or unbalanced connection and a twin unbalanced phono input. The single electronically balanced output can be connected to balanced or unbalanced loads.

The inputs are fully protected. In the event of an overload condition of any amplifier section, the overload warning LED will illuminate.


  • Switchable phantom power

  • Independent controls for all inputs

  • 5 year warranty

  • Power supply included

  • 2 Balanced microphone inputs

  • 1 Balanced/Unbalanced line input

  • 1 Stereo Unbalanced line input

  • 1 Balanced/Unbalanced line output

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