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Dual 18" passive subwoofer system.


The NEOS PX HIGH-PERFORMANCE models provide the highest level of performance and are intended for the use in the most demanding applications.

To achieve this goal, particular care has been taken in the choice of the transducers that employ the most sophisticated technical solutions and advanced construction methods available today.
The NEOS215PX and NEOS218PX sub-woofers are designed to be the perfect complement for the NEOS122PX and NEOS152PX and they are designed using the same high standards. Each model employs two woofers, 15” with 3” VC in the NEOS215 and 18” with 4” VC in the NEOS218, offering the latest in transducer technology:
- die-cast baskets with double ventilation for an efficient heat dissipation;
- ISV (Interleaved Sandwich Voice Coil) for reducing the VC temperature and the power compression;
- DSS (Double Silicon Spider) suspension providing a controlled linearity;
-  DDR double demodulating rings for a reduced harmonic and intermodulation distortion.
System type: Sub-woofer, vented
Nominal Impedance: 8+8 ohm
Input power rating (continuous): 1000+1000 W
Input power rating (peak): 2000+2000 W
Input power rating (program): 1000+1000 W
Frequency response: from 30 Hz
Sensitivity: 101 dB @ 1 W/1 m
Maximum (peak) Output: 137 dB
Low Frequency Device: 2 x 18'' woofer - 4" VC
Crossover Frequency: 80 Hz - 125 Hz
Connectors: 2 x SPEAKON
Construction: 15 - 18 and 24 mm birch plywood
Finishing: Anti-scratch black paint
Mounting Hole: 1 top - 1 side
Weight: 80.5 kg (177.3 lbs)
Dimensions  (W x H x D): 590 x 990 x 790 mm

The Neos AXS enclosures represent Proel Group Research and Development department's highest achievement in loudspeaker technology. The R&D department, in fact, took full advantage of the support of Turbosound's acoustic engineers to optimize the performance of each model.
The evolution of the original Neos Series has been further enhanced with the addition of new remote access and control functions, hence the new name “AXS”.
Designed for a user base that ranges from demanding musicians to rental companies, they are also ideal for permanent installations requiring high quality and remotely controlled functions.
The Series includes 5 full-range and 3 subwoofer enclosures that incorporate the latest Proel Group amplification technologies which can deliver high-quality sound and superior performance in any application.
Each model features a DA C-Audio power module, a new generation of Class D amplifier with switching power supply, capable of delivering outstanding definition and wide dynamic range with low distortion in a compact package.
The on-board electronics are based on the C-Audio Core DSP platform operating at 96 kHz sampling rate and 40 bit floating point bit depth. This processor further optimizes the performance of the system though the use of sophisticated EQ, dynamic and crossover algorithms, while providing network control via the Pronet control software.
Premium transducers with Neodymium magnets, sturdy, plywood cabinets with die-cast aluminum handles, dual-angle pole mount flanges, and multiple flying points round out the features of the series.
The new Proel PC240 and PC260 processors, also based on the C-Audio Core DSP platform, allow audio signal processing capable of optimizing system performance using advanced functions and an intuitive user interface with direct access to all editing functions and remote control. The incorporated technology exhibits some interesting features, like programmable sound pressure level management (SPLM), thanks to the use of an internal clock, and full remote control of all functions from a connected PC.
PC240 and PC260, both with a full range of functions, each have 2 inputs ? with AES digital inputs in the case of the PC260 ? and 4 or 6 outputs, respectively. Each input offers a 5-band, fully parametric EQ, 28 bands of graphic EQ, and three bands of powerful and versatile dynamic equalization. Each includes a fully programmable compressor/limiter and up to 600 ms of delay, as well.
The outputs offer any type of crossover filter, up to 48 dB/8va, and a 5-band parametric EQ.

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BxDxH in cm 59 x 79 x 99 cm
Gewicht in Kg 80,5 kg
Constructie materiaal Berken multiplex
Constructie materiaal specifiek Metal grill
Verkrijgbare kleuren Zwart
Soort luidsprekersysteem Passief mobiel
Type luidspreker Subwoofer
Systeem type Basreflex
Belastbaarheid continue RMS 2000W (1000w + 1000w)
Belastbaarheid peak 4000W (2000w + 2000w)
SPL 1W / 1m 101 dB
SPL peak 137dB
Frequency respons vanaf 30 Hz
Crossover frequentie 80 Hz of 125 Hz
Impedantie 8 Ohm
Luidsprekerformaat Low 2x18

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