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Digital microphone stand for announcement piloted by microprocessors systems. Such stand has been designed for PA installation configuration with Proel ZONE8. The BM01 central body is in plastic material anti scratch. This digital stand is equipped with an electret microphone set on a flexible stel. BM01 electret microphone is characterized by high sensibility and large frequency response. ALL pushbutton is set for general call (all zones), TALK pushbutton for direct microphone call equipped with activation led indicator. Output audio signal and controls with RS485 and CAT5UTP technology. EASY-CHAIN BM01 interconnection thanks to RJ45 connectors.
12 Vac power supply directly from ZONE8 and additional local external power supply for long distance provided on request in BM01 package.

Main features:
• Electret microphone set on a flexible stel
• Anti scratch plastic body
• Output volume and tone control
• Audio output without alteration or variation due to long distance thanks to microphone digital audio transmission
• General microphone call
• Line BUSY indicator LED

Artikel document bm01
Merk Proel
BxDxH in cm 23.2 x 13.1 x 6.1 cm
Gewicht in Kg 0.95 kg
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