Plopbol voor Aeromic en Cyclemic. Per 8 stuks

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(Bruto excl. BTW)
Windscreens Aeromic

Aeromics and Cyclemics can now be use windscreens.

Windscreens (otherwise known as pop filters) need to be replaced on a regular basis and each instructor should use their own windscreen on the clubs microphone for obvious health reasons.

They can also be used with other head mics such as the FM-41 and various lapel mics. Windscreens soften the 'plosive' vocal sounds and keep the wind out of the microphone if used outdoors.

Whether you call them foam balls, pop filters, mic tips, wind socks, mic protectors or even fluffy balls - These are what you need tomake microphone usemore hygienic and protect your microphone capsule

Note* These are a small windscreens for use with the above microphones, not the EMics. 

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