Televic CoCon Discusion. Conference Control Software Suite.

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CoCon Discussion is a subset of the CoCon Conference Control Software Suite. It contains all functionality that is required to run a conference system in a discussion-only situation. 

It is perfect for corporate board meetings and council meetings that do not require electronic voting or simultaneous interpretation.

Cocon Room Server

The CoCon Conference Control software has a client server architecture.

The CoCon server takes care of all communication between the conference system and the CoCon software applications. 

The other software applications such as the Operator Application, Signage, Meeting Manager  ... all connect to the server.

The CoCon server also handles the connection to a database that stores all the data that is relevant to the conference: the hardware configuration, delegate lists, speech time etc ...

CoCon Room Configurator

With this application you can create or edit the room layout or synoptic view that is used in the CoCon Operator Application.

It is an editor tool that offers the possibility to:

  • upload a background image
  • manually or automatically detect conference units
  • position these units on the synoptic view
  • determine chairman & delegate positions

CoCon Meeting Manager

The CoCon Meeting Manager is an application that supports all administrative preparations prior to the actual meeting.

Meeting Manager functionality includes:

  • Creating and managing the delegate database and creation of groups
  • Creating a meeting and specifying title, time, conference mode, …
  • Specifying the delegates who will be attending the meeting
  • Creating an agenda for a meeting
  • Specifying speech time parameters for delegates and groups, agenda item time, meeting time, etc ... 

CoCon Operator Application

This is the application that is used to control and operate the meetings. The operator can monitor and control microphone activity. He has a clear overview on the meeting via the synoptic view. 

The operator can view and contol:

  • the microphone activity
  • the agenda of the running meeting
  • the individual- and group speech timers
  • the relevant conference settings such as conference mode, volume, allowed number of open mic's, etc ... 

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