Televic Confidea DD G3 Wireless Delegate Unit. Built-in loudspeaker. No batt & mic included.

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For discussion applications

The Confidea DD/CD Wireless delegate/chairman unit combines a slim, contemporary design, excellent intelligibility and ease of use. The units are equipped with a microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button and have two headphone outputs with a single volume control.

The robust and reliable wireless connection and ample operating frequencies set it apart from traditional wireless conference systems.

The chairman unit comes with an additional priority, next-in-line and system volume adjustment button.

Battery and microphone

Confidea units combine a smart power management with an easy to replace removeable Lithium-ion battery pack. (Confidea BP, to be ordered separately)

A screw lock connector is provided to connect a removable microphone which is immune against GSM disturbances. (Confidea MICxxSL, lenght 30, 40 or 50cm, to be ordered separately)

Keep meetings confidential

To prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, the Confidea© wireless system and the discussion units have a AES encryption to keep information of the meeting confidential.


  • Built-in high quality loudspeaker which is automatically muted when the microphone is active, to prevent acoustic feedback.
  • Microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button with two signalling LEDs
  • Two headphone outputs
  • One headphone volume adjustment
  • The chairman version (CD) comes with a priority, next-in-line and system volume adjustment button


  • Red battery status LED
    4 h remaining : 1 Hz blinking
    2h remaining : 2 Hz blinking
    1h remaining : 4 Hz blinking
  • Blue out of range status LED
    Off : connection established
    Blinking : searching connection
    On : out of range, shutdown after 2 min.


  • Two 3.5 mm jack plugs for headphones
  • Battery pack connection
  • Screw lock socket to connect removable microphone
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Merk Televic Conference
BxDxH in cm 23,2 x 13 x 6
Verkrijgbare kleuren Antraciet
Bijzonderheden AES encryption

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