Televic Confidea T-DV Wired Delegate Unit. Built-in loudspeaker. 3 voting. RFID. No mic incl.

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For voting and discussion applications

The Confidea T-DV is a tabletop delegate unit for discussion applications that include electronic voting. It combines a slim, contemporary design, excellent intelligibility and ease of use.

The units are equipped with a microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button and have two headphone outputs with a single volume control. Three voting buttons and an OLED information display facilitate voting and opinion polling during the meeting. The OLED display shows the result of a vote.

The built-in RFID card reader can be used for authentication in case of electronic voting or identification in a free seating environment.

The chairman version of this unit has additional controls.

Easy installation

Setup is done in just a blink of an eye. The units interconnect in daisy chain over Cat 5e Plixus® network cabling. The RJ45 connectors are hidden in the base of the unit and the cables are held in place by two notches in the unit housing.

The input and output connections are auto-sensing and interchangeable. Installation is thus easy, fast and straightforward, making it is the ideal system for frequently changing environments.


A screw lock connector is provided to connect a removable Confidea microphone. This  microphone is immune for typical interferences of mobile phones, so delegates can leave their phone switched on during the meeting.

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Merk Televic Conference
BxDxH in cm 23,2 x 13 x 6
Constructie materiaal Kunststof
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