Uitlopend - FIREWIRE-IEE d.sh.cable/4-pole male->6-pole male/Gold plated connec.

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The new DIE HARD IEE1394 cables (known as FIREWIRE) represent the standard interconnection that allows high speed data transmission. Thanks to their performance (data transfer rate: 400 Mbps), they are ideal for multimedia applications (Audio/Video, DVD, Digital Camcorder ecc.). All DIE HARD IEE1394 cables are made of Tinned Copper conductors with double shield, Aluminium foil and Tinned copper, and high resistant PVC outer jacket. Black colour.

Merk Proel
Verkrijgbare kleuren zwart
Bijzonderheden Firewire kabel
Soort kabel Digitaal interconnectkabel
Lengte 3 m
Type & merk connectors DH 4-pins firewire en 6-pins firewire
Isolatie materiaal Aluminium folie en koper
Materiaal buitenmantel PVC

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