Command Fusion 2 x 250VAC 15A relay module

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The HRY2 module features 2 high voltage, high-amperage (250V AC, 15A) relay ports, and comes with on-board screw terminals for secure connections to external relay-controlled high-voltage devices. Plug it into a modular controller to add relay control ports to your system.

Power On States

Each relay port can be configured to be in open, closed or resume last state on power up. And because the relays are latching (polarized), they will stay in their open or closed state even when power is lost.

Extended Functionality

Most relay control systems out there allow you to set relays on or off, and require complex programming on a control processor to perform anything else. Our relay control protocol includes additional functionality such as a simple toggle command (so that you don't have to keep track of the relay state for basic toggle actions) and a pulsing command to pulse the relay closed for a time period, then opening again (of course, the time period is customisable as part of the protocol). Relay control has never been so easy

Artikel document CommandFusion_MOD-HRY2_Spec-Sheet.pdf
Merk CommandFusion
BxDxH in cm 4 x 6,8 x 3,28cm
Gewicht in Kg 0,07kg
Constructie materiaal Kunststof
Constructie materiaal specifiek Polycarbonate
Verkrijgbare kleuren Dark grey matte finish
Connectivity 24-pin connector to connect to modular controller unit
Power Power usage 500mW maximum, powered by modular controller DIN-MOD4 or MOD4 (not included)
Relay 1 set of captive screw terminals consisting of 2 relay channels. 250V AC 15A

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