iMag Thunder 4K JPEG2000 encoder

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Thunder is an uncompromising JPEG2000 compressed solution for 1Gb networks. Setting a new benchmark for JPEG2000 performance and achieving a feature set that the integration community has been waiting for.

Having been designed from the ground up for Pro AV applications, Thunder delivers on the promise of simplified video over IP systems. First of all, it covers multiple uses, Video wall, point to point, Matrix etc. Second it handles nearly all video resolutions used in Pro AV, up to and including 4K video. Third it caters to mixed use of 4K and 1080p displays, automatically downscaling 4k sources to maximise compatibility with older 1080p displays. Enough reasons already to simplify your integrator life but there is more.

Ten more reasons why Thunder is the leading JPEG2000 solution

  1. Simplified bezel correction, just measure the bezel and your done
  2. Audio out on encoder, allowing audio to be handled at the equipment rack
  3. PoE system, no more plug packs
  4. USB2.0 distribution, route USB camera’s anywhere
  5. RS232 and IR control distribution
  6. Video wall creation up to 16×16
  7. Dedicated iPAD app for configuration, monitoring and end user control
  8. Loss of signal display screen which assists trouble shooting
  9. Independent audio, video and control routing, send anything any where
  10. As low as 1 frame end to end latency, a new bench mark for JPEG2000
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